Brenda de Groot

Hi there!

I am Brenda, 28 years old, and I am a primatologist, writer and illustrator. There is one thing that fascinates me most of all: animals – and primates in particular.

I want to know what goes on in their minds, how they live, what they are doing and why. On this website I want to share with you my lifelong journey of exploration into the animal world. I want to inspire you, fuel your passion for animals, teach you stuff you never even knew you wanted to know. So that you’ll become as impassioned as I am. And yup, that is totally part of my good evil plan.

Because I do not only write because I enjoy tapping the keyboard and vent my obesssions in a kind-of estheatically pleasing manner – I also have a personal mission.

I want to reach a world beyond speciesism.

A world where animals are seen as individuals instead of objects, and where we treat them morally right. That we protect them and their environment for their intrinsic value, the value of their own.

My passion for animals, illustration-obsession, and a mindset that is in a permanent state of out-of-the-box thinking brought me to the most remarkable places on earth. Now I want to use them to make the world a better place for every living being that calls it home.

I write about:


‘Cause monkeys just rule.

Animal minds

Animal cognition
Animal behaviour
Philosophy of mind


Animal ethics
Environmental ethics
Deep ecology


Health & food


I started this website as a blog about veganism. Not surprising, given that a lifestyle aiming to do no unnecessary harm to animals it is the most moral way of living.

That’s why I want to inspire people to choose the vegan way more often. Secretly I am a real health-nerd, and I generously sprinkle my knowledge and enthusiasm about healthy vegan food far and wide. Good for me (because I enjoy it), good for you (who says no to healthy brownies?!), good for the animals and for the planet.

I am currently converting my website from the vegan blog it started as, into a personal website with more articles encompassing the topics I described earlier. Please bear with me as this website is multilingual – Dutch is actually the main language 😉

Enjoy the stuff that’s already there while I am working on more!

Smart monkey with a book illustration


“Why vegan?”

Here you find all about the philosophy behind veganism. On ethics, animal rights and the psychology – just why the whole world should choose plant-based more often.

Health & Food

“How vegan?”

Here you find articles about plant-based food and healthy living, backed up with scientific research. You read about vegan protein and how to make the healthiest smoothie bowl that ever existed.

Monkey with a big smoothie bowl


“Whole foods, plant-based”

For those of you looking for a healthy vegan recipe that doesn’t take a trazillion ingredients while leaving your kitchen looking like the apocalypse just started right there.
Here, have some healthy chocolate banana ice cream with a salted peanut butter swirl.



My humble suggestions to my best-read articles:

and why it is so wrong

Vegan for the planet
a.k.a. ‘vegan for saving your own skin’

Pointing back
think piece

my illustrations

PS. I started this website multilingual, with both Dutch and English content. However, the effort of managing a multi language blog at this point in time just gets a bit too much. I want to offer readers top quality content and at the same time staying sane myself *winksmiley*. I therefore decided to only upload new posts in Dutch at this moment in time. I am very sorry if this may disappoint you. I am planning to continue with posting in English again in the future. Until that time comes, please feel free to translate Dutch posts with Google translate (and have a good laugh about the outcome..!).

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