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My Favourite Vegan YouTubers

Ik confess: I love watching YouTube video’s. And I think I know why.

As a child, there was one thing I wanted so bad: having access to a TV channel broadcasting what every member of my family was doing at that exact point in time. I just craved to see my grandpa and grandma playing Scrabble in real-time, wished to live witness my aunt doing laundry, and wanted to see my best friend cycling her way to school. Just because I was really curious.

And I still am.
Am I the only one who thinks it’s an impossible shame that you only have one life to live? I mean, there are 7 billion people on this planet, and with that I didn’t even mention the individual lives of animals! Oh how I wish to be able to follow a random monkey in the forests of Vietnam..!

I believe that YouTube fulfills this desire to take a peek into another life. Of course, a YouTube video is subject to heavy selection – the makers pick out the scenes they want. I always keep this in mind and I would recommend you to do the same.

My go-to videos are those of vegan YouTubers, who vlog about their lives, what they eat in a day and what they think. In this article I share with you my Top 7 favourite Vegan YouTubers. Ready? Here we go!

1. Jenny Mustard

Currently my all-time favourite. Jenny Mustard is – I think – the most popular YouTube minimalist, and a vegan as well. She is an extraordinary character and appears to me as a genuine and very sweet person. Since recently, I am interested in obsessed by a minimalist lifestyle, and through that I came across Jenny’s videos. Jenny mainly vlogs about her minimalist life and the vegan food she eats.

Jenny is from Sweden but lives in vegan heaven Berlin. I do wonder whether Mustard is her actual surname, since she says to be addicted to mustard. Happy coincidence?

2. Bite Size Vegan

Emily is the one behind the brilliant YouTube channel Bite Size Vegan. She mainly vlogs about the ethical side of veganism and is not afraid to confront you with the horrible side of the animal industry. Her videos are funny, informative and not too long.

Scared of the truth? Too bad, ’cause Emily will happily smash your face in it. For example, she has a series of videos where she shows how things roll at a slaughterhouse. A place where most people will not and do not want to visit ever in their lives. To Emily, the zoo is a big no-go as well (and I agree!*).

* The main purpose of a zoo is to entertain people. Period. Whatever nice conservation or animal welfare stories they tell. True, they often contribute to conservation projects, but compared to the profit they make, that effort is a laugh. The damage they do to particularly animal welfare to me far outweighs the benefits of their conservation efforts. Stereotypical behaviour in zoo animals is so frequently seen that it almost became normal, while this behaviour signifies something is very wrong with the welfare of the animal. If you go with the definition of veganism, which is to refrain from (mis)using animals for human pleasure, zoos are not vegan. 

3. Brianna Jackfruitson

Another favourite of mine is Brianna Jackfruitson. Brianna is a bubbly personality and lives in Engeland, which you can tell by her accent. Love it! Her videos are mostly about vegan food. She likes to share what she eats in a day and communicates this with such great enthusiasm that you will to ask yourself why you thoughtlessly stuffed your face with a few peanut butter sandwiches, while you could also have had one of Brianna’s epic banana ice cream bowls for breakfast instead.

Brianna recently quit being a fully raw vegan (eating only raw, plant-based food) and now treats her viewers on shots of incredible vegan food at restaurants in for example Berlin and Paris. She says she is happier then ever, having left her orthorexic raw eating pattern. What I think of it? Ehh.. well, I don’t know. Complex issue I know too little of to formulate an opinion. #teamnoopinion

4. Freelee the Banana Girl

This one of course cannot be missing in the list. Freelee, the woman with the unbelieveable appetite and a body with which she could win Vegan’s Next Top Model, is pretty controversial. She isn’t afraid to give her opinion, which often makes you reflect on an issue or just right out shock you. You will also find many videos in which Freelee relentlessly scrutinises other YouTubers. n

The random shots of animals she encounters on her tropical balcony, the overload of the most amazing food and the stupid fact that for some reason I just like her for who she is, is the reason Freelee is in this list.

5. Kalel

Yeah, boohoo, cause apparently Kalel quit her old YouTube channel. This video is the only one left (although you can find some videos of her that other people on YouTube saved).

It doesn’t come to me as a surprise though, that Kalel quit. She often mentioned she is a perfectionist and that YouTube causes a lot of stress. The fact you say so many things in videos that can be wrongly interpreted is – understandably – a big stress factor for her. I completely support everyone’s decision to quit with whatever it is that bothers you, and to start over with a clean slate. Perhaps we see more video’s of Kalel and perhaps not. Both fine by me.

6. Kate Flowers

Kate Flowers loves raw food. And the stuff she makes looks incredible, in my humble opinion. Kate is the personification of whole foods, plant-based food: she almost exclusively uses pure and healthy ingredients. She is also not afraid to include some healthy fats in her meals, and often throws in a good amount of nuts and seeds. A relief after seeing all the HCLF-vegan mealplans, if you’d ask me. Kate is a super happy and bubbly personality, which really puts the healthy icing on the vegan cake.

6. Caitlin Shoemaker

Guys, go check out Caitlins videos. These recipes will make you hungry, even if you just finished your meal. The dishes Caitlin makes are healthy, tasty and very Instagram-friendly. And the best thing of all is that you don’t have to be a star cook to make them!

So now I am curioius: did I miss something? What are your favourite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments so I can extend my guilty pleasure 😉

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  • Reply
    16 March 2018 at 15:06

    Though she now hasn’t uploaded in about 3 months. Kalel’s channel still exists on youtube as just Kalel. Eventually she will be back. She does this all the time where she disappears for months and then comes back for a couple more videos and ads.

    Thanks for the list. I am going to go follow some people now!

    • Reply
      17 March 2018 at 11:47

      Haha it’s like me! Always coming back to blogging hehe! Glad I could help and have fun exploring the other vegan channels!

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