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Circle of life piece dinosaurs by Brenda de Groot


Brenda de Groot

a selection of works

- Jungle Monkey children's book -

Illustratie aapje bestrijdingsmiddelen en gif op fruit en groente
Monkey illustration reaching for an apple on a tree - by Brenda de Groot
Avatar Brenda de Groot illustration

- Art for Biodiversity Conservation -


Status: Extinct


Status: Extinct

- Circle of Life -

A non-speciesist way of representing the evolutionary tree.

Circle of Life illustration - copyright: Brenda de Groot
Circle of life piece evolution by Brenda de Groot
Circle of life piece dinosaurs by Brenda de Groot
Circle of life piece trees by Brenda de Groot
Wrong tree of life - Brenda de Groot


Good tree of life - Brenda de Groot


- Art for Animal Rights -

Speciesisme uitgelegd: de parallel met racisme en seksisme | Speciesism explained - the parallel with racism and sexism

- Art for the Ocean -

Groot schilderij van bultrug walvis Brenda de Groot - Sea The Future / Sea First
Achamba! Childrens book for the conservation of the Chamba Sacred Langur / Kasjmir grey langur (Semnopithecus Ajax)

- Primate conservation project #1 -
Children's magazine

The Chamba sacred langur (Semnopithecus ajax) is an Endangered leaf-eating primate living in the Himalayas of North-India. With only 250 adult animals left, this species is on the brink of extinction. I created a children’s magazine to help the last remaining individuals to survive.

Conservation / nature illustrator for childrens books - Brenda de Groot

- Primate conservation project #2 -
Education program

Tails of Cambodia is an education project I developed to empower local people to aid in the conservation of primate species in Cambodia.The project was part of my MSc in Primate Conservation at the Oxford Brookes University.

Illustration animal exploitation - brenda de groot

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