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Vegan art, vegan illustration, vegan illustratie by Brenda de Groot: the cruelties of factory farming. Made by a vegan artist.
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Cut The Crap

Two stories about the animal lives and live animals that we literally cut apart, and how you can bring these to a happy end.

Story 1. 🐄

It’s a drooly Sunday morning when you visit your grandma in the hospital. She’s had a bit of a rough time but everything is good now and she’s soon to go home again. With a big bunch of fresh flowers in hand you briskly walk your way through the hospital’s corridor. Then all of a sudden you hear someone whimpering softly:

“No, please no, not my child!”

You freeze, ears wide open. The frightened voice is coming from one of the doors on the side – the one that’s not shut properly. You silently walk to the door and peek through the opening. What you see makes you freeze inside. On the bed lays a woman, who appears to just have given birth. She’s reaching to a doctor who’s holding a newborn baby that he tries to cram into a metal crate.

“What are you going to do with my child?” the woman asks with a weak and anxious voice. The doctor doesn’t respond. He grabs his keys from the counter and makes his way out. Before you realize it, he has slipped past you and disappears into the hospital’s maze.

You look through the wide-open door and stare at the woman on the bed. She looks you right in the eyes but doesn’t say a word. Her expression speaks volumes. Confusion. Disbelief. Fear.

Cow and a calf cut apart in the dairy industry. Vegan art black and white line drawing. Made by Brenda de Groot

Welcome to the dairy industry. Where every mother again and again has her newborn calf taken away from her. She can whimper for days calling her calf, which – if a female – awaits the same fate as her mum, or – if a male – ends in a crate with veal being it’s final destination.

Why, you ask? Because an all-powerful species, humans, want the cow’s milk for themselves. They don’t care for what the mother and her child experience, or at least not enough to give up their bowl of yogurt in the morning. Many do not even know this is happening, since it all takes place behind closed doors. What if the doors were wide open? Would they still buy the products, if they knew this is the price that innocent animals pay? What if these animals were humans?

Think about it. And then decide for yourself. Do you want to support this gruesome, speciesist system, or do you go for the solution instead? Because there is. It’s called almond milk and soy yogurt. Every time you choose for plant based dairy alternatives, you say ‘no’ to cruelty, and ‘yes’ to compassion for animals.

Choose with your heart and your brain. Go vegan.

Story 2. 🐖🐓🐑

You only need one quick peek into your fridge to see what time it is: time to do groceries. You get your bag and make your way to the supermarket. Eggs, ham, and oh yes, don’t forget to get that nice woolen coat you saw the other day!

You just left your home as you walk past a man who is hunching over. As you pass you curiously look over your shoulder to see what he’s doing. Your gasp for air – in shock: the man is holding a child which he keeps in a firm armlock. In his free hand he’s holding a big pair of scissors with which he is about to cut off the child’s index finger. The child seems oblivious to the threat and looks up at you with big innocent eyes. He smiles, before –

“NO!” You scream, but it’s too late.  

Chicken, pig and a sheep in factory farming. Vegan art black and white line drawing. Made by Brenda de Groot

Welcome to the meat industry. 🐖 Where the tails of piglets, little conscious beings, are being cut off without any anesthetics. For the mere reason that maddening boredom would otherwise cause other pigs to gnaw it off themselves.

And welcome also to the egg industry. 🐓 Where a chicken’s beak is cut or burned until only 1/3rd or just 1/4th of it remains. For the mere reason that maddening frustration would otherwise make her peck the other hens to death.

And finally, let’s talk about the woolen coat you thought about getting. 🐑. The vast majority of wool is coming from extensive farms in Australia. There lives the blowfly, who lays its eggs around the tail area of sheep. The maggots will eat the sheep’s flesh, and to prevent that from happening, the farmers cut off whole pieces of flesh themselves, from the backside of the sheep. Without anesthetics. This gruesome deed is called mulesing, and since there is yet to find a better alternative, it is the standard practice on wool farms there. 

They are horrifying, these stories behind our food and fashion items. And since they are ‘only’ animals, it is not regarded as a crime but as common practice. I think it’s madness. And thankfully, many people think the same. These people follow their moral beliefs and quit sponsoring these practices, by choosing plant-based alternatives for the animal products (meat, eggs, wool) these industries deliver. Every one can do that. You can do that.

Choose with your heart and your brain. Go vegan.

Thank you 🐖🐓🐑🐄

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    8 July 2019 at 15:59

    Hi Brenda. I just stumbled upon your page and really enjoy what you are promoting. I’m also vegan and really appreciate your time and effort. Continue your great work and spreading your message of love and compassion.

    • Reply
      9 July 2019 at 16:42

      Hi Marcus! Thank you for your kind words! And you as well, great job on the vegan lifestyle. All the best!

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