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What’s in my Fridge

Meet my fridge!

In this post I’ll give you a round tour through my fridge.

Because it’s fun.

Ik confess. Ik have a an above-average interest for the content of other people’s fridge. Yup, those people exist, and I happen to be one of them.

I believe that the content of your fridge can reveal a lot about you as a person. Honestly, peeking into your fridge is a sort of next-level palm reading. Behind the closed doors of the cabinets in your home, there is a treasure of information about the real you. 😉

My speculative assumption is, for example, that the owner of a fridge filled with pots and cans, is someone who enjoys quite a busy life, and who doesn’t have much time to prepare a meal. An almost empty fridge with some lost jars filled with mould fuzziness likely belongs to a person who doesn’t spend much time at home, or who is absolutely not interested in what his daily calorie intake looks like (a.k.a. take-away meals). And when I spot some home-made almond milk and meal prep lunch boxes in your fridge, I think we should have cup of coffee together and talk about healthy food!

Now it’s the time for you to dive into my cupboards and read my fridge!

A warm welcome to my personal winter wonderland.


This is quite how my fridge normally looks like, except that I usually don’t have that many boxes filled with pre-made food. I tend to prepare my food just for one meal, although I should do some meal prepping. Saves loads of time.

What's in my fridge: de koelkastdeur

In the door of my fridge you see some lemon juice that I like to add to my glass of water. The jar filled with red stuff is the content of half a package of gazpacho, which my local supermarket offered me for free. Not saying no to that! The other jar with the yellow lid contains some Fair Trade red curry paste: really delicious, and this brand doesn’t have any unhealthy additives.

Wat er nog meer in m’n deur staat:

On the left you see thick sweet soy sauce. This is really good stuff and it reminds me of the food I had on Bali. There they put the exact same sauce on dishes like gado-gado. It tastes sweet and it reminds me a bit of peanut sauce. I like to add some to my curries or salad, if I put a peanut- or tahini dressing over it.

Next to the soy sauce is maple syrup, which I love to add to my oatmeal. And on the far right you see 86% dark chocolate. To me, the darker the chocolate, the better I like it. The best chocolate is the 99% cacao Lindt chocolate!

I always have soy- and almond milk in my fridge. The soy milk goes in my coffee, and the almond milk I use for making oatmeal and smoothie bowls. I also like to drink it plain from a glass. I usually have unsweetened soy- and almond milk, but I guess I was sleeping while grocery shopping, because at home I saw that I accidentally bought the sweetened version.

Oh, the tomato sauce! That stuff is truly a-ma-zing. It is just plain pureed tomatoes without any sugar or additives, and I always use this as a lazy quick fix for tomato soup. I always but the organic version since tomatoes tend to absorb the pesticides sprayed on them. Organic tomatoes are not treated with pesticides, and therefore prevent you from becoming radioactive (kidding of course).

Gezonde koelkast gevuld met groenten en fruit

As you can see, the vegetables take up a large portion of my fridge space, since I eat them in great quantity. I think the stack you see here lasts for two, max three days, and then the veggies are finished. Yup, the carrots too, since I’m addicted to dipping carrots in peanut butter. The spinach I use for smoothie bowls and big green salads.

And perhaps you have spotted the edamame (soy beans) and packets of coconut water. “Posh!”, you may think, but actually I didn’t waste a penny on either of them! Last year I took part in a fun online competition where you had to make selfies with your favourite food item in the supermarket who hosted the competition. I thought, I’d give it a go. So I drew a cute sloth (very random), cut it out and attached it to a cup of edamame beans. I managed to take a picture with the installation plus my big head in it, and the picture won the prize: one year long free soy beans 😀 (in case you are curious about the picture: this is it).

The soy beans happen to be sold out quite often, and in that case I can pick a replacing product. Hence the coconut water. I absolutely love this stuff, it’s so refreshing! But I’ll never buy it for myself since it is quite expensive.

In the boxes with blue lids you see some cut papaya and watermelon, both bought at the market. The papaya was the best I’ve ever had! The watermelon was good too, but I got to say I prefer to eat watermelon in big slices instead of cut up cubes.

That’s it so far! I hope you enjoyed this ‘what’s in my fridge’ as much as I always do, and I am very curious which conclusion you draw now after you’ve seen the culinary content of my cooled cupboard.

Now of course I wonder what are the favourite products in your fridge! By all means let me know in a comment below. I like that 😉

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